the natural park

an unspoiled countryside landscape
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An amazing natural park full of greenery and pure air!

A long avenue flanked by olive trees, a terrace with bucolic scenery, a reception room with colourful stonework and wooden features, spectacular fireplaces in glass, and sophisticated lighting create lasting memories for the newlyweds and their guests.

Over 14 acres of gardens to indulge in

Over 14 acres of gardens to indulge in. A spacious terrace with breathtaking views where you can hold a high impact event, and a reception room finished to the last detail that can host 250 people, together make the perfect location for every requirement from meetings to gala dinners, from cocktail parties to the most lavish of parties.


The patio overlooking the garden is the ideal setting for a drink waiting for dinner and, in spring and summer, the installation of an elegant gazebo allows you to dine en plein air in contact with nature. The immense surrounding park is not only an exclusive photographic set for romantic shots, but also helps guests relax, allows children to play in a safe environment and allows pleasant walks between dishes.

In addition, you can recreate your church in our fabulous grounds in the shade of centuries-old oak trees, beside the enchanting Zen garden or in the lush green secret garden celebrating your wedding in a civil ceremony.

natural park
natural park
natural park

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